About Us

Origin Entertainment is a broad based film and television production company committed to making a positive impact on the modern world through transformative entertainment. Our mission is to produce films that evoke the audience’s desire for the heroic, foster a generosity of spirit, and inspire them to make choices for the greater good.

What is “Transformative Entertainment?”

Transformative entertainment results from combining great storytelling with profound stories, in a manner that inspires the viewing audience to make choices for the greater good. The inspirational market today is starved for more movies. Origin’s response is to create transformative entertainment to serve this market.


The Origin Team

James T. Volk

James T. Volk

Chairman and Founder

Dick Lyles

Dick Lyles

Chief Executive Officer

John Teague

John Teague

Development Executive

Numerous studies have shown that values-driven companies — those with clearly stated values that inform both decision and action — outperform non-values-driven companies but by multiples of 8 to 1 on just about whatever index you choose as a metric. Origin’s guiding principles and values define our corporate culture and shape all our actions.


Our Guiding Principles

Origin’s guiding principles inform its decision-making and set the standard for our behavior. These principles are based on Origin’s deepest values. Origin is committed to embracing a values-driven culture in every facet of our company, be it in the boardroom or on location filming a movie.

Our Values

Professionalism: Origin’s corporate ethic mandates rigorous training, hard work, and dedication.

Integrity: Origin will approach all projects in a consistent manner employing the highest values, principles, and ethics in all circumstances.

Artistry: Origin is not satisfied until a script is as good it can be; until a performance is as rich as it can be; until a score is beautiful enough to stand on its own; until every frame is thought through and chosen as the best way to visualize a story.

Meaning: Origin produces films that matter. We ask: What does this have to offer children? Teenagers? Young parents? People in their mid-life and twilight years? Origin not only makes movies that can sell, but movies that are worth selling—movies that provide lasting meaning and impact. 

Responsibility & Accountability: Origin’s goal is to meet consumers’ desire for films that inspire and strengthen the best in the human spirit, contribute to the greater good, and yield appropriate rewards, financial and otherwise, for those who share Origin’s vision.