From a gritty, down-to-earth perspective, this live-action adventure drama chronicles the incredible story of three children who experienced the supernatural in rural Portugal during 1917. These experiences launched them on a quest to bring a message of peace to the world.

In breathtaking detail, the film follows the children through their supernatural experiences, which included being exposed to terrifying visions of the future and of heaven and hell, which changed them forever. The film details their courageous response during which they faced ridicule, persecution, and punishment from within their own family, their local community, and the government. Throughout they maintained their childhood innocence while also remaining true to their mission of bringing a message of peace to the word. 

FATIMA the movie retains the authenticity of the original voice of this story, as reflected in interviews of the oldest sheperd, Lucia Dos Santos, the oldest of the three children later in life. The interviews show the meaning of Fatima is still relevant for all people more than a century after the original events occurred.