Despite all odds, there is hope and love to be found

Little One is the story of a 6 year old girl named Vuyelwa who is left for dead in a field near a township in Johannesburg. She is found by a middle aged woman named Pauline who rushes her to the hospital. After saving her life, it comes to light that the little girl has been raped and her face badly beaten. To help her cope with the shame and disfigurement, Pauline makes her a mask to cover her face.

While Vuyelwa is in the hospital, no one comes forward to claim her and the police are left with an unsolved mystery on their hands. Pauline becomes actively involved in the case and visits the little girl daily, despite her husband Jaco’s protests. A strong bond is formed between Pauline and the child, which leads Pualine to try and adopt her.

Determined not to let little Vuyelwa languish in the system, Pauline kidnaps her from the hospital and takes her home where she looks after her as her own flesh and blood. Jacob warms up to the little girl and eventually she becomes a part of the family.

Pauline begins her own investigation and is helped by Detective Morena, a sympathetic cop who is deeply affected by what has happened to this young child. Eventually, they solve the case and Vuyelwa is re-united with her real mother. This is a bittersweet moment for Pauline who has to now relinquish this little girl that she has come to love and cherish as if her own.

Little One is a story about ordinary people living day to day in a poverty stricken environment where despite the crime and tough living conditions, there is still hope and love to be found.